Latest News

New School Logo

We decided to change our old Logo with a new and improved version which better describes our school. The words "Nurture and Encourage" come from our mission statement and we feel it describes our school environment very well.



iPad update

All Students now use iPads in each class. We are Sligo's only iPad school to date. Keep an eye out for further info on how our students use their ipads.


Ballinode College Celebrates π Day.

Αs part of a euopean etwinning project "π is travelling Europe" a day of Maths Activites to celebrate π day took place. Students in schools from 12 other European countries took part in the project. Here in Ballinode Community College our students created a human pi, baked pi's, created bar charts of the decimal places of π, investigated estimating π in Maths  and Technical Graphics Classes. We held a competition to see who could recite the most decimal places of π, with one student achieving a staggering 155 places. 

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