An Grianán - Our Moderate Learning Unit

Our ‘Moderate Learning Unit’ is called An Grianán, meaning Sunny Place. Currently we have two separate units within the main building, with Department of Education approval for a designated unit, scheduled to be built in 2021.

These special classes currently cater for 11 pupils and our general educational philosophy is to integrate as much as is appropriate and practical and to endeavour to give our students access to as broad a based curriculum as possible.  Work is differentiated to accommodate the different levels of ability and ranges of age and curriculums/guidelines such as the NCCA Primary Moderate General Learning Disabilities Guidelines, Level 1/2 Junior Cert, LCA and sign language programmes (to name but a few) help to develop an appropriate structure within the class which is very individual depending on pupils' needs and strengths.  There is a focus to constantly improve communication both with fellow peers and all staff members both in and out of the classroom environment. 

A lot of learning takes place outside of school too and it is an added benefit that Sligo Town is so close. A 'Student Support File' is opened up upon entry and is maintained on a regular basis and students' reviews are made along with Parental input which form ‘Individual Education Plans’. New, suitable resource material is constantly being created and built upon. 

Great emphasis is placed on integration, both for educational, personal and social reasons and so pupils attend mainstream classes where it is appropriate and meaningful to do so.  Pupils from An Grianán have, and will be, involved in many other ways in school life such as participation in the Student Council, Sports Days, Sponsored Walks, JCSP activities, Award Nights, School Tours, etc. 

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