About Ballinode College

Mission Statement

‘Our College provides a safe healthy environment in which all students are nurtured and encouraged to achieve their full potential’.

The school’s mission statement influences all policy making within the school. It promotes a positive school environment which facilitates our aspiration to be a centre of learning where each student achieves his/her potential. It is visible on all policy documentation, but more importantly visible in the relationship between staff and students and those within the wider school community. The Mission Statement promotes values such as self-esteem, honesty, justice and respect and implicitly recognises the role of our educational partners in achieving these aims.

A note from the Principal

Choosing a second-level school is a very important decision for any parent/guardian. With this in mind, we at Ballinode Community College have endeavoured to create a school ethos that places caring and nurturing students at the forefront of what we do. The school’s atmosphere is based around the key values of self-esteem, justice and respect for others. Our belief is that this characteristic spirit will allow our students to thrive and achieve their full potential.

Our school also places great value on a pastoral care structure that aims to ensure that all of our students are supported throughout their time in the school. Ballinode Community College is a school community in its truest sense, where all individuals can feel comfortable in their environment. The low pupil-teacher ratio ensures that students get the personalised attention in classes that allow them to prosper as learners. The school’s sports and co-curricular programmes provide an opportunity for all students to participate in events outside of the classroom, and as such, form an important part of the holistic education provided by the school. 

I would like to welcome you to Ballinode Community College, with a sense of pride in the values we represent, and confidence in the service that we provide. 

David McGuinness


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